Mobile Development

Flexible and scalable solutions.


iOS is Apples native operating system on all iPhones and iPads. I am a freelance iOS developer and specialist in SwiftUI and mobile application architecture.



Unity is a versatile game engine that allows developers to ship quickly to market through integrated workflows and powerful cross-platform capabilities. I am developing cross-platform augmented reality applications in Unity based on AR Foundation.


Spreading the worlds greatest ideas.

Schwarz auf Weiß

Der Bücherpodcast

Schwarz auf Weiß is a podcast about the greatest thoughts of humankind. Together with my friend Simon Frey, we discuss our most beloved books and share the knowledge with our (german-speaking) listeners.

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Ideas coming to life.
Lapz: Interval Timer

The simplest and most effective HIIT timer app. Lapz allows you to create and store timers for the use in high intensity interval training or tabata.

Unity App Localization

An extensible, lightweight framework for localization of games and applications in Unity.


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